Fedmyster's Pokimane Document Leak Event

  Federico Michael Gaytan AKA Fedmyster a Imane Anys AKA Pokimane


Únik dokumentu Fedmyster's Pokimane odkazuje na uniknutý dokument, ktorý vytvoril streamer Fedmyster, v ktorom tvrdil, že tento kolega streamer Prikývne v júni 2020, keď bol Fedmyster odstránený z kolektívu tvorcov obsahu OfflineTV, ho zmanipulovali a vymysleli proti nemu príbeh. Dokument obsahoval screenshoty textov medzi streamermi a stal sa virálnym predmetom diskusií online, pričom Pokimane sa neskôr k dokumentu vyjadril v streame.


Udalosti v júni 2020

Dňa 27. júna 2020 člen kolektívu tvorcov obsahu OfflineTV a streamer LilyPichu vytvoril Twitter [1] a Twitlonger [dva] príspevky, v ktorých vzniesla obvinenia zo sexuálneho obťažovania voči bývalému manažérovi Offline TV Chrisovi Chanovi (oba príspevky boli neskôr odstránené). V ten istý deň vzniesla obvinenia manažérka domu OfflineTV a streamerka Yvonne „Yvonnie“ Ng [3] [4] proti kolegovi streamerovi OfflineTV Federicovi Michaelovi „Fedmysterovi“ Gaytanovi, tiež známemu ako „Fed“, ktorý ho obvinil zo sexuálneho obťažovania voči nej, LilyPichu a niekoľkým ďalším členom kolektívu (príspevok zobrazený nižšie). V ten istý deň bol Fedmyster odstránený z Offline TV. [5]

  moja pravda Chcem to začať tým, že poviem, že Fed bol prvý priateľ, ktorého som si v OfflineTV našiel. Bol veľmi ústretový a trávila som s ním najviac času zo všetkých. Vychádzali sme spolu veľmi dobre a rýchlo sme sa stali naozaj dobrými priateľmi. Chodili sme neskoro večer na jedlo a pozerali sme spolu filmy v mojej izbe, keďže som mal televízor. Často tam zaspával a stala sa z toho celkom normálna vec. Vždy sme zostali na bokoch postele a nikdy sa nič nestalo. Až kým sa to nestalo. Ležal som v posteli so zhasnutými svetlami. Dvere sa otvorili a dnu vošiel Fed, opitý z toho, že tú noc vyšiel von. Vliezol do mojej postele a chvíľu tam ležal. Potom ma chytil za ruku a držal ju. a ja't move at all cause I was shocked. He then brushed my hand against his cheek, and kissed it after. I was still in a state of shock, trying to process what's happening, because this guy is supposed to be my friend. He also knew I had a boyfriend at the time. Next, he stuck his hand inside my sleeve, and touched my side next to my chest. And although it wasn't exactly my chest, it was close enough to make me feel extremely uncomfortable, and feel like that was not a place where a friend should be touching me. I still couldn't move at this point, and in my head I was just begging for him to not go any further, praying he would stop there. He did, retracted his hand, and made it seem like he was sleeping. 10 minutes later he 'woke up' and said "whoa how'd I get here." I asked, "do you remember anything?" and he said no and left my room. The next day I went up to his room and asked if he remembered what happened last night. He said no. I told myself that if he forgot, then maybe he didn't know what he was doing because he was drunk, and I didn't wanna bring it up because I didn't wanna make it weird between us. A few weeks later, I was lying in bed again, and he came in drunk, again. He laid down next to me and told me he was sorry for what happened last time, and that he overstepped boundaries. So then I thought to myself, did he remember this whole time, and lied about it.?I didn't say anything, and 10 minutes later - he did it AGAIN - minus the t-shirt part. Again, I'm scared to say anything and he fell asleep next to me. The next day he also acted like nothing ever happened - and I asked him at some point if he remembered anything, and he said no - again. I kept this secret to myself for a very very long time. The only people I could tell were my boyfriend at the time and a close friend of mine, and out of respect for me they didn't tell anyone. I felt like if I told anyone at OTV, the world would come crashing down, and that OTV would die/cease to exist, so I never did. I minimized it A LOT, and carried on throughout my days as usual, but small things in me started changing without me realizing it. I started avoiding Fed more - I went from hanging out with him all the time to almost never. I tunneled into League because it felt easy to be 'busy' in a game so he couldn't talk to me or bother me. It became the easiest way to avoid him - being addicted to a game. Text Document Font   Jedného dňa som mu povedala, čo sa medzi nami stalo, a on povedal, že áno't remember/know it happened. He proceeded to say he was a horrible person, and I felt bad and started comforting him. I will always remember that one of the first things he asked me after he found out was: "did you tell anyone?" and proceeded to panic when he felt like people could know. I also told him that my boyfriend at the time, Sean, doesn't blame him and knows he isn't a bad person deep down, in which he responded "yeah it's in his best interest not to" ???? (which it wasn't by the way - Sean is just a super nice guy who tried to be understanding and give him the benefit of the doubt). He said all these things but never once did he apologize to me after learning about the situation that he 'forgot.' Thinking back, his thought process was super messed up, because he was more worried about people finding out, than how he hurt me. I minimized it so so so much, that I would forget at times it even happened in the first place. It was weird cause there were certain times where he could trigger me, but other times seeing him was fine. It triggered me when he'd knock on my door, barely waiting, and despite no response he'd just come in. I remember I tried locking my door a few times and he gave me a hard time for doing so - "why the fuck is your door locked." Multiple times where he'd come in at night without me saying he could - everyone else in the house always knocks and waits for a response, but not him. It also triggered me whenever he'd walk into my room, jump into my bed and start going on his phone, but again I minimized, minimized, minimized, and honestly felt really bad for feeling that way towards him. I kept this all to myself mostly because I didn't want to ruin the peace, I wanted to avoid the situation, and I thought he would change after what happened with me. He didn't. He proceeded to overstep boundaries with other girls in our friend group, and each girl kept it to themselves cause they would just think 'oh it's just fed' or 'he was just lonely/drunk.' He even did it to Lily (she gave me permission to share this.) When she was going through her hard breakup with Albert, Fed also walked into her room while she was drunk. She was laying down and he asked if she wanted a massage. She said sure, and he started off massaging her leg, and then up her thighs. A week or so later, he was drunk and laid down next to her, and told her he liked her. She then felt uncomfortable with everything, and he asked her to not tell anyone what happened. Again thinking back, it felt like he tried to take advantage of Lily when she was in a really vulnerable state. One night the girls were hanging out together, and when the topic of Fed came up, we realized we all had our stories about him. Whether it was him lying about certain situations to be in his favor, or lying to us about girls leading him on when he was the one who got rejected, or manipulating us to have certain ideas of people/situations. Poki especially suffered a lot from this, and l'll let her explain if she chooses to do so. Text Font Document   Raz v noci sa spolu dievčatá stretávali a keď prišla na rad téma Fed, uvedomili sme si, že o ňom máme všetky svoje príbehy. Či už klamal o určitých situáciách, aby bol v jeho prospech, alebo nám klamal o dievčatách, ktoré ho viedli, keď bol odmietnutý on, alebo nás manipuloval, aby sme mali určité predstavy o ľuďoch/situáciách. Veľmi tým trpel najmä Poki a ja'll let her explain if she chooses to do so. The stories shared were mainly of Fed overstepping boundaries, being overly touchy, in which we all thought were just Fed things.' We thought it was fine because we told ourselves that's just how he is.'As we shared each of our stories, we realized - it was not fine. When all the sexual harassment/abuse stories started coming out on twitter, my coping mechanism just broke. I couldn't minimize it anymore, and I suddenly felt everything that happened crashing down on me all at once. I couldn't ignore it any longer, and realized what happened was not okay. It couldn't be swept under the rug. I didn't want to see him, talk to him, or work with him. The pattern of problematic behavior led us to decide that we needed to have an intervention with him to get him to realize he needs to change for the better. So we all sat down together as a group, and everyone started sharing with Fed how he once hurt them. It was extremely emotional with a lot of crying, and at the end of it he seemed very apologetic and understood what he had done wrong. This was the first time he apologized to me about everything, and it did feel really nice to hear. I genuinely felt super happy that it seemed like Fed was very accepting of everything and willing to be better. I wasn't planning on releasing any statement from my end, but unfortunately his behavior since then made me feel like he wasn't really sorry. His actions and words showed he was still avoiding responsibility, that his priority was still himself and his career, versus being a better person and resolving the hurt he caused us. My intention for this statement is not to destroy him, but to warn other girls about his behavior, and how he pushes boundaries using alcohol as an excuse for his actions. He needs to be held accountable for his actions, learn from his mistakes, and not avoid them like how he was trying to again this time around. I don't think Fed is a bad person, but we all made excuses for his behavior for a long time now because we truly loved him as a friend. Even despite all this, ultimately what I'd want in the end would be to see him taking steps towards getting help, and striving to be a better person. A few things I would like people to keep in mind: - everyone in OTV helped me IMMENSELY throughout all this, they went through great measures to make sure I was okay and that I would be okay in the future as well. - When they learned of this they NEVER asked me to be silent, in fact they tried their best to stand up for me and speak for me when I didn't know how to approach this. They made me feel comfortable and empowered to speak my truth, because I would've felt too scared otherwise. - It may not be possible, but I would like it if people could refrain from shitting on OTV/negative comments. I would appreciate that a lot because everyone there helped me the most throughout this entire thing. It would really hurt to read awful comments towards the people I tried so hard to protect. - Lastly, please remember that FED IS HUMAN, and refrain from extremely hurtful comments that I know he's going to receive. Words can have a very scary impact, and again I want to emphasize that my intention with this statement is not to destroy him. I just felt a strong need to speak my truth and put a warning out there to other women until he does get better. I don't believe he's a bad person deep down, he is someone that even to this day I can't help but care about, and things would honestly be a lot easier if I didn't. Text Document Paper Font

V ten istý deň Fedmyster zverejnil sériu tweetov [6] priznal sa k svojim činom a označil sa za „chybného“ (tweety zobrazené nižšie).

  @Fedmyster · 27. júna Chcem začať toto vyhlásenie ospravedlnením sa za moju neprítomnosť v posledných dňoch. Začiatkom tohto týždňa si ma niektorí moji priatelia sadli a vyjadrili sa, že som ich pri niekoľkých príležitostiach prinútil cítiť sa nepríjemne alebo nesvoj. FED 000 2,1 000 27 1 000 25,8 000 FED 000 @Fedmyster Odpovedanie pre @Fedmyster Vo svetle nedávnych udalostí ma to veľmi bolelo, pretože mojim úmyslom nebolo a nikdy som nemal v úmysle ublížiť svojim najbližším. Plne chápem dôležitosť toho, aby bol ich hlas vypočutý, a verím, že by som mal urobiť krok späť, dať im priestor a vypočuť si ich príbeh. 23:14 · 27. júna 2020 · Riadok písma textu webovej aplikácie na Twitteri   FED @Fedmyster · 27 000 júna I've made it a point this year to be better, and as I often mention I'm trying to take more responsibility in my life. I owe it to both my friends and everyone who supports me to own up to my actions, and that starts by listening to those I've hurt. 94 27 170 13.8K FED 000 @Fedmyster Replying to @Fedmyster I want to make it clear that my intentions were never to act maliciously or predatorily. I am flawed, I have issues that impede my friendships, issues with myself, but I am not a predator and I never wanted this to happen. Their stories: Stories - Pastebin.com Pastebin.com is the number one paste tool since 2002. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period o... S pastebin.com 11:14 PM · Jun 27, 2020 · Twitter Web App Text Font Line

V nasledujúcich dňoch viaceré médiá informovali o obvineniach proti Fedmysterovi a jeho odstránení z OfflineTV, vrátane správ CNN. [7] a Dexerto. [8]

Počas jej 28. júna 2020 streamujte člena OfflineTV Pokimane [9] vzniesol obvinenia o Fedovom manipulatívnom správaní voči nej, čo nakoniec viedlo k tomu, že Pokimane urobil rozhodnutie odísť z OfflineTV sídla.

Veľa by klamal. V priebehu rokov som mal s ním veľa problémov s dôverou a veľa sme sa o veciach pohádali. Ak by sa mýlil, ignoroval by moju existenciu v dome. Doslova by ma odmietol uznať.

Udalosti z novembra 2020

25. novembra neznámy zdroj unikol 25-stranovému dokumentu [10] napísané Fedmysterom, v ktorom obvinil streamera OfflineTV Pokimane z formovania príbehu proti nemu po udalostiach v júni 2020. Dokument obsahoval viacero snímok obrazovky výmeny textov medzi Fedmysterom a Pokimane, pričom texty vyzerali, akoby Pokimane často flirtoval s Fedmysterom (snímky obrazovky sú uvedené nižšie). V dokumente Fedmyster uviedol, že nie je v rozpore s príbehmi LilyPichy a Yvonne, ale namiesto toho „oslovuje jednotlivcov, o ktorých si myslím, že prekrúcajú pravdu vo svoj vlastný prospech“. Odkaz na dokument bol šírený ďalej Nesúlad a 4kanál . [jedenásť] [12]

  Komu: Imane (starý telefón) Podrobnosti 2.3.2018, 20:01 Videl som, čo ste napísali v chate a začervenal som sa Hladný? Komu: Imane v Komu: Imane (starý telefón) Podrobnosti Oki l'll look Good morning O I changed ur name in my phone to 3/2/18, 2:52 PM Feddie best pic ever FOKI A 2:52 1 ll : scuffed version H Bible thoomp Hanako I want foki ice or feddie ice or just feddie Omgaedddd Ur into it YEA Ur feeling it foki ice Poki your eyes 2:00 1 1 Safari ul LTE LOL STOO0OP Glittery FOKI And u effing look him like FOKI A In adoration scuffed version Bible thoomp I want foki ice or feddie ice or just feddie Delivered YEA NANI foki ice iMessage ¡Message i need our manager TO STOP Text Web page Product Font Line Screenshot Computer icon Technology   Komu: Imane (starý telefón) Podrobnosti Komu: Imane (starý telefón) Podrobnosti 12.3.2018, 0:51 Gn 6 Nesprávne emoji 8 S Gn pekné e Tak ticho tam 9 i'm still embarrassed btw decided i'll never close my door ever LOLLLLL again if yknow what i mean i got Hmmmmmm Lost in thought So you're saying I could just walk in right Can u legit hear everything now? АН !i hear u i don't think u know what i mean thennnn hehe omg LOST IN THOUGHT I think I might have to come in so you can elaborate yaya i haven't started uhm or what I'm talking about nvm taking care of myself yknow hahahaha if you must I'm will commence shortly e Literally locked ? more like S OOPS LOL Jebaited that's unfortunate hahahaha hahahahahahaha have fun I feel like I can sense your frustration You too check again To: Imane (old phone) Details 3/6/18, 10:59 PM i tried to wait for u but i have an interview at 11am so i gtg sleep soon OO we watch another time rip hummus Wanna watch one right now rq? :( Sorry I promised lily l'd play a little fortnite it's oki i don't wanna interrupt D: 3/7/18, 3:13 AM :( FmllI fuck u temmie sorry she woke u i just woke up i'm toooo hot gonna sleep in myroom Was gonna ask if I could come with but is okay Gn 6 Sorry <3 nite u can come wif next time Okkkk Text Blue Font Line Web page Screenshot   Komu: Imane (starý telefón) 19. 4. 2018, 13:38 Podrobnosti ďakujem, že si sa o mňa vždy staral, btw Áno, zrejme sa chystal irl a schladiť v McDonalde's overnight then get on his flight 4/19/18, 2:54 PM Respond He's too troll. I'm here And I always will ^^ We made it :))) What time is your flightV in 25 mins ^ Hope your flight is going well! Miss you Sorry if I'm ever super extra--just rlly love making you feel good/happy 6 4/15/18, 7:11 PM phone died. lol. On my laptop T_T why do u like that 4/13/18, 1:57 PM. awwwww honeybun I just do. You're often stressing about things and even if you aren't, love helping in anyway I can bc ik it puts less weight on you it just feels right. ^^ I'll miss you too feddy! I'll be back soon dw :) To: Imane (old phone) Details thanks fed 4/12/18, 11:42 PM i'm lucky to have you in my life Honey wants to sleep over. That coo with you? e hope I can help you as well we're taking off, ttyl ^\^ sorry but not tn >_< tmrw's a big dayyyy A A* as much as i wanna sleepover w both honeys O Have a nice flight okay Don't sleep on some ransoms shoulder Waaaaah. o Randoms* Drink water G 4/8/18, 8:58 AM To: Imane (old phone) Details 4/13/18, 9:33 AM fed You have your passport? Yes ya :) fed do u miss me already ohohoohohoh Yes Yesssssssss :(((( u cute no u 5/4/18, 10:57 AM Text Blue Product Font Web page Line Screenshot


Neskôr 25. novembra Fedmyster tweetoval [13] [14] že dokument skutočne vytvoril on pred niekoľkými mesiacmi, ale nemal v úmysle, aby sa dostal na verejnosť. Objasnil, že dokument unikla osoba, ktorú Fedmyster požiadal o radu a podporu po udalostiach v júni 2020. Neskôr v ten istý deň streamer Mizkif [18] prezradil, že dokument unikol z jeho Google po tom, čo k nemu získala prístup neznáma osoba.

Po úniku, streamer Destiny skontroloval uniknutý dokument a komentoval ho počas svojho streamu. Následne bolo zo streamu viacero klipov znovu uverejnené do /r/LivestreamFail [pätnásť] subreddit ; napríklad klip [16] of Destiny reagujúci na niektoré texty medzi Pokimane a Fedmysterom získal viac ako 11 400 hlasov za na Reddite a 210 200 zobrazení na Trhnutie (zobrazené nižšie).

Aj 25. novembra Pokimane usporiadal dvojhodinový stream [17] v ktorom sa venovala uniknutému dokumentu (úryvok je uvedený nižšie).

[…] Nakoniec si myslím, že je fér povedať, že existuje moja pravda, existuje jeho pravda a skutočná pravda je pravdepodobne niekde medzi tým.

Online reakcie

25. novembra sa táto kontroverzia stala hlavným predmetom diskusií v /r/LivestreamFail subreddit a na Twitteri s niekoľkými klipmi z Destiny's [19] a Pokimane's [dvadsať] vysielania.

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